Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Beer @ Sun Yoon Wah Ipoh (Old Town)

Snow White sure I know. How about 'Snow Beer"? Have you hear? To Ipoh craving some popular food and drop that restaurant for snow beer. No need to pub. Here is the place for gather and have some nice food and beer.

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Fried Sotong with chili - crispy and spicy

Boonless Fried Chicken - An old lady will approach you for the order, not available for the said restaurant. (Her stall nearby only). Unusual get in KL. (most recommended)

After eating all the fried and spicy food.. sure have it (the chil snow beer). After drink it 'FuYoh!!' Once, fill the glass with the beer, must quickly drink it. If not, the snow will slowly disappear in seconds and not much cold anymore. (That the tips when having the snow beer)

Location: Jalan Bijih Timah,30000 Ipoh
Contact number: 05-2539980

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