Sunday, January 30, 2011

Broga Ikan Bakar and Durian

Broga Durian Stall

Broga Durians. All the way to Broga Hill you may see a lot Broga Durian Stalls (Situated Along this Road N2 56.184 E101 54.475). You can stop by take some.  However, bear in mind that Durians are seasonal fruit.  These stalls were just a temporary hut which only available during the Durian Season ( Once or Twice in a year).

After hiking at Broga Hill, you may take lunch at 'Broga Ikan Bakar' (GPS N2 55.842 E101 55.727) which is just further down from Broga Hill, behind the Chinese temple.  As you can see from the Google Map link, this place is quite hidden and you will have to drive pass a narrow road in order to reach there.  One can easily recognize this place by seeing the fish pond which is right beside the restaurant.   There's a signboard 'Pusat Memancing Ikan Broga' in the restaurant.  The place is quite old and frankly not very comfortable.  But the dishes served were quite satisfying.  The fish are fresh and mutton are nice.  All the dishes were prepared in aluminium foil wrapping, cooked by charcoal BBQ.  Price were reasonable too.

'Pusat Memancing Ikan Broga' - Broga Ikan Bakar Restaurant
Alumimium Foil Wrapped, Charcoal BBQed Dishes

Here are some photos taken at Broga Hill, a popular place for hiking among the locals.

Broga Hill - A popular place for hiking

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ban Thai Restaurant, Ulu Langat

Ban Thai Restaurant, Ulu Langat
Being located in a secluded area in Ulu Langat, getting to Ban Thai Restaurant is almost impossible for a newcomer without a GPS Navigator. The Co-ordinate for this restaurant is N3 07.781 E101 48.298.  However, the nice dining environment and its tasty dishes never fails to draw large group of customers every night.  People seems really enjoy taking their dinner at pond side away from the city.

Their signature dishes includes grilled lamb, tomyam and BBQ crab.  All in Thai Style.  And of course, not to forget, the tasty Thai dessert, Mango Stick Rice too.  From our dining experience, it seems like those cook were really doing a good job.  Dinner was served shortly and all the dishes were simply delicious!  Seafoods are fresh too (as you can see, its a fish farm itself).  When it comes to bill, we are pleased to find that all the price were reasonably charge and I would say its affordable for most of the people.  A meal of 6 dishes, enough for about 6 pax at around RM 200.  A recommended place to dine, I would say. Thumbs up.
Dishes Served at Ban Thai Restaurant
Fish Pond
BBQ area