Monday, June 6, 2011

Pacific Cafe, IOI Boulevard

Besides Starbucks or Coffee Bean, found a place able chills out with having a fragrant cup of coffee.Yes.. that is the place Pacific Cafe, IOI Boulevard Puchong (GPS: N3 02.786 E101 37.257). Me and my friends really enjoying the aroma coffee while chit chatting on round table.. having discussion our next travel trip.

There some cakes, pastry and pasta to fill up your stomach

The prices for the food and beverage is almost same as Coffee Bean.
Approximately RM7-RM14 per cup of beverages while the foods are around RM 5-10 per item (cake/pastry/pies/sandwich).  Public Bank Credit Card users would enjoy a whopping 30% discount on beverages! :)

Internet and Wifi are ready for customer's convenience.

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